Blockaviation's mission is to create

One unified view for

aircraft records

About Blockaviation

Blockaviation’s software is creating the worlds first universal registry for aircraft records. We make these records immutable, searchable and retrievable across industry players and systems.


Founded in  December 2017 with a charter to leverage emerging technologies to develop innovative solutions for the global aviation industry.   Our current partners include the Irish Aviation Authority, Boeing and Techstars. 

The problem?

The idea behind Blockaviation is that the value of a commercial aircraft is not in the metal, but in the records behind the metal. These records carry such importance, that if a commercial aircraft doesn’t have a well maintained set of records behind it, the asset can see a valuation discount of at least 80%.


Due to the incredible importance of these records, they are needed for a huge number of cumbersome documentation processes in the industry. These processes need to be carried out by airlines to prove compliance to their regulator, lessor etc. A few examples of these processes include Back to birth Trace, Redelivery and Airworthiness Review Certificate renewal.

What makes us different

Blockaviation integrates with existing infrastructure seamlessly, to guarantee the authenticity of scanned records. Making this record searchable and  retrievable across platforms from a single interface.

This allows us to then operate like a search engine, where on request from an application, we can search and retrieve the record from the underlying system without actually having the records.

This will allow industry service providers to plug into our registry to provide solutions to all aircraft records, something which is not possible now.

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